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Stock Market Challenge

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Name Percentage Gain
bburkey *Not avail. yet
rswawola *Not avail. yet
Steinhoff *Not avail. yet
steinhoff *Not avail. yet
brannlemm *Not avail. yet
nick12 *Not avail. yet
Nick12 *Not avail. yet
johnsobr *Not avail. yet
danimal *Not avail. yet
Danimal *Not avail. yet
Standings are based on the overall portfolio value calculated at the end of each trading day.


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MSFT: Microsoft Corporation $106.87
IBM: International Business Machines $146.51
INTC: Intel Corporation $46.50
CSCO: Cisco Systems, Inc. $46.22
ORCL: Oracle Corporation $48.27
AAPL: Apple Inc. $215.46
PFE: Pfizer, Inc. $42.33
XOM: Exxon Mobil Corporation $78.77
GE: General Electric Company $12.30
JPM: JP Morgan Chase & Co. $114.62